Runaway to M Street Coffee

Driving up to M Street Coffee is a beautiful experience in itself. A runway of palm trees lead you to this heavenly coffee shop. Free street parking is easily available making coffee shop a no-brainer to stop by. 

M Street Coffee is a popular spot for those in Sherman Oaks. At certain hours of the morning, a line out the front door awaits. However, three baristas behind the counter work swiftly making the delay go by quick.

The staff is perky and lively to everyone that approaches the cash register. Calling those they recognize by name, you can tell M Street Coffee is where friends are made.

The price is reasonable, $2.25 for a delicious cup of fresh, organic coffee. Working hard, the barista delivered the coffee to me almost immediately.

With no tables available, I took a seat at the bar facing the window. The coffee shop was shared by individuals working on their laptops and those catching up with old friends. The music was faint making it easy to work but chatter in the crowded space filled the room.

Wifi is free for 2 hours. Easy to sign on but difficult to stay on. At busy hours, the connection is slow.

The interior decor was contemporary and unique. The art complimented the scene beautifully with a mix of urban photography and painted portraits by local artists.

Smoothies, bagels, muffins, and other vegan baked goods are also available to enjoy inside or outside of the shop.


With a fast, friendly staff and free Wifi, M Street Coffee is one of the hottest spots in Sherman Oaks. Don’t miss out!

M Street Coffee

13251 Moorpark Street,

Sherman Oaks, California 91423


M-F 7am-6pm

Sat, Sun 8am-5pm

Street parking, very friendly baristas, crowded, artistic interior, beautiful location, slow Wifi, reasonable price



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