My-O-My Republic of Pie

In a homey, room with a scent of fresh baked food, a European style coffee shop in NoHo’s art district lives. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, the Wifi is fast and free, and the infamous pies are scrumptious. Busy but not too busy, you’ll want to bring a good book and spend the day at The Republic of Pie.

Pulling up to the busy street of Magnolia Blvd, parking was difficult to find. Eventually, I found a meter down the street from the shop. In a great location, the neighborhood is full of people, restaurants, and stores.

Excited to try the popular Republic of Pie, I approached the counter to fin the staff displeasing. Not exactly the bubbly interaction I hope for when entering a coffee shop. The Two baristas behind the counter were quiet and quick to take my order.

However, the decorated space was enchanting. Plants, fake trees, and stringed lights filled the interior. Reminding me of an old-time, theater theme, it really seemed to work. A small stage centered the room where local acts perform on certain days of the week. A flat-screen TV played black and white films on mute and paintings hung on the walls of local artists that supported the theme.

I was happy to find out the Wifi was free and very fast. This was enduring because every person there seemed to be reading, writing, or tuned into their laptops.

My cold brew costed $3.35. The taste was different than usual but in a good way.

The best part of this coffee shop was the amount of seating. The space was big and tables were open. Different couches gave the space a comfortable feel.

The menu was large with many options for lunch including salads and sandwiches. The variety of pie selections is what makes this coffee shop stand out. The classic apple pie or chocolate banana bread pudding pie puts are freshly baked each morning.

The atmosphere, interior decorations, fast Wifi makes this coffee shop a top hit to spend the day.
Republic of Pie


11118 W Magnolia Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601


Great food and treats, fun location, big space with places to sit, comforting interior, fast and free wifi, meter parking, quiet staff


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