What to Look for in the Perfect Coffee Shop

Taste Most importantly, you must enjoy what you are drinking. Anyone can make an average cup of coffee from a pot or a Keurig machine but good coffee is freshly brewed. The ideal expresso drink is grinded thurley and steamed at the right temperature. The density can be tricky but that’s what makes a coffee shop one you’ll return to.

Even after I’ve been sitting for hours and my hot, black coffee turns cold and diluted, the taste should still be inviting.

Price Since coffee is a necessity and every dollar counts in LA, I don’t want waste even 5 on an average beverage each day. The price needs to be reasonable. As stated above, you can make a cup of coffee at home for cheaper. Once you’ve found an inexpensive, tasteful coffee drink in LA, you know you’ve found something rare.

Service Right when I walk through the door the first thing I notice is the service. The baristas should be friendly and helpful with a pleasant “good morning.”Most often, those behind the counter are the first face I see before I’m properly awaken with my caffeine fix. Eventually, I want to know my servers by name and have them memorize my “usual.” Baristas should be your friends.

Wifi As a writer, the Wifi needs to be fast and free. Without a proper connection, I simply can’t get work done.

Seat Availability Los Angeles is crowded just about anywhere you go. Sometimes I’ll order and then look around to find no where to sit, having to take my $5 coffee to the car. The shop must have a big enough space to fit all customers.

Parking Some days I spend hours at a coffee shop which means I need a meter that will last longer than two hours. A parking lot or free street parking is always a bonus.
Interior The inside needs to be decorated with a unique and artistic vibe. Most people visit coffee shops for the atmosphere and to be in a creative environment. Decorative art or a theme makes you want to stay even longer.

Neighborhood  A coffee shop in the middle of no where is not ideal. Before a meeting or after shopping, visiting a coffee shop sounds like a good idea. The neighborhood should have other attractions in the area so I can stop by while I’m out and about.

Food Visiting a coffee shop in the morning or afternoon, I am usually ready for breakfast or lunch. This is where a coffee shop can stand out. Having a large, delicious menu doesn’t hurt.

Hours The earlier or later a shop is open, the better. Occasionally, I like to spend my evenings at a coffee shop, but that is often a difficult request. Most shops close at 3pm so finding an evening coffee shop is something I look for.

Comfort Lastly, I need to feel comfortable. I’ll be spending all day there so it is important that I feel like I fit in. It shouldn’t matter what I’m wearing, how old I am, or if I am alone. I don’t want to feel out of place. The music should fit my style, the art should be inspiring, and the sunlight should be warm. This place needs to be my new home away from home.


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