Get Your Coffee Fix 

Tucked away in the Valley, an everyday, neighborhood coffee shop called Coffee Fix welcomes all newcomers. Serving breakfast and lunch, the space is free to hangout until close at 7pm.

Pulling up, I questioned the exterior and location. Outside of the shop didn’t look the tidiest but that’s what gives this coffee shop a casual feel. All types of people feel comfortable to meet with friends or work hard on a laptop.

As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted with a loud, “hello!” as one man works frantically behind the counter. Friendly and with a smile, he takes your order as he brews another customer’s cup and also makes conversation with another familiar face. Hardworking and pleasant, the service encourages you to stay.

After grabbing my black, iced coffee, I took a window seat at the counter facing the street. Natural sunlight lit hit the space giving me energy and motivation to work. Great news, there were actually places to sit. The coffee shop wasn’t overly crowded which is a change for LA. Some regulars were studying and some were grabbing breakfast with a friend.

The best part of my Coffee Fix experience was the price. The coffee was $1.95 and every bit of delicious. Not to mention, the Wifi was fast and free. The barista was even kind enough to write the password on a note.

The bad news; the music was loud- too loud and distracting. The music playing wasn’t classical or a mix of acoustic melodies but an electric, pop genre. During my time, I tried making a phone call and found it quite impossible to hear the person on the other end. Other customers were shouting trying to talk over the speakers. Along with the lack of artistic decor and rundown location, the music didn’t help my morning coffee fix.

However, if you find yourself in Studio City and looking for an inexpensive pick-me-up, I recommend stopping in Coffee Fix. Free street parking and friendly service makes it a positive experience. Join the Noho locals and get your Coffee Fix!

Coffee Fix

12508 Moorpark St

Studio City, CA 91604


Cheap coffee, free parking, free wifi, loud music, friendly service, not overly crowded

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