All about the Aroma

Parking can be difficult when arriving at Aroma Coffee & Tea Company in Studio City but all for good reasons. Leading up to the coffee shop, the block is full of artsy, local stores selling cards, clothes, and homemade goods. Before even approaching Aroma, you are filled with little bits of happiness.

First thing I noticed about this coffee house was the crowd. However, the line moved pretty fast for the amount of people. Looking around at all the fun, victorian decor made the wait go by even quicker.

Feeling as if I took a step into Halloween Town, little pumpkins and “boo” signs fancied the space. While waiting, I couldn’t seem to look away from the display of gourmet desserts. To give you an idea, caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels, vegan cookies, and an abundance of cakes filled the cases.

Aroma had a great selection of food, drinks, and treats. The menu was large including breakfast and lunch options. The garlic fries and breakfast sandwiches are fan favorites. Another speciality, the Arnold Palmers, lattes, and iced-teas are always good sides with a meal. Reasonable prices for food and drinks as tasteful coffee sets at 2.25 for a single cup.

When first entering Aroma, you’ll approach a small area but be sure to explore the whole venue. The coffee shop wraps around the building giving you plenty of options on where to sit. Two indoor rooms are for sitting and a large, wrap-around patio outdoors. The victorian theme continues with chandeliers in and outside. Everything about the environment is warm and inviting.

The only bad review about Aroma is the lack of Wifi. Don’t plan on studying or getting any work done as there is no Internet service. This coffee shop is a nice place to meet up with friends and chat around lunch.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend coffee with a side of brunch at Aroma Coffee & Tea Company. The treats and all around vibes make for a coffee shop favorite.


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