Art and More at Joe Coffee

In North Hollywood’s Art District, Joe Coffee is a small, artistic space where anyone can hang out and relax.

Joe Coffee sits in a trendy area making this an easy visit. I was nervous about the amount of people as I approached the shop. Like most places in LA, the line to order was out the door. Yet, the wait went by in barley a few minutes.

The service was phenomenal. Before even paying, my cold brew was delivered to me. The only down-side to Joe Coffee was the price. $4 dollars for a regular, iced coffee.

After grabbing my plastic cup, I decided to look. In the back, a man wearing plastic gloves was painting a mural on the back wall with chalk. The piece of Halloween- inspired art was incredible. I couldn’t seem to stop looking at it.

Old hip-hop and pop hits from the early 2000’s played at a good volume. Almost everyone at Joe Coffee was zoned into their laptops making quiet. With problems signing on, the Wifi was fast and free.

Joe Coffee even offered panini’s, vegan pasteries, and wraps. I couldn’t find much wrong with this coffee shop experience.

Joe Coffee has open seats, Wifi, food, and a remarkable staff. On the art alone, this NoHo coffee shop is one you won’t want to pass on.

Joe Coffee

5251 Lankershim Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 91601

North Hollywood

Amazing art, welcoming staff, fun location, fast wifi, expensive coffee, small space, paid, meter parking


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