But First, Alfred Coffee House

If you aren’t from LA, you probably haven’t heard of this next coffee shop. Although, if you are from LA, I’m certain you are familiar with Alfred Coffee House. By popular-demand, Alfred Coffee House has five locations throughout the city. While buzzing around town in the Valley, I made sure to stop at Alfred Coffee House in Studio City.

“But first, coffee,” is the saying here at Alfred. You’ll find new-comers snatching Snapchats or Instagrams of the infamous logo that’s plastered to all the cups, walls, and signs.

It’s hard not to give in to the social media blasts when visiting Alfred’s. The black and white, Victorian theme is unique and creative. Immediately, I was snapping pictures of my coffee cup.

After paying $2.50 for my regular coffee, I searched for a spot to sit. For being such a well-known coffee shop, I wasn’t surprised to find the space loud and crowded.

Outside housed an adorable patio seating arrangement.  I made my way to an open table. The Wifi was free and fast. I was content with being outdoors.

As I looked up from my laptop, I noticed “Valley Girls”all around me.  A few complaining about their coffee or discussing a rigorous yoga class that took place prior. As I continued to glance around, I noticed more eyes starring back at me.

Unlike the other coffee shops I’ve visited, here I felt out of place. Something about the atmosphere made me want to hurry along.

After only 45 minutes, I shut down my laptop and gathered my things. After I removed my self from the scene, my table quickly swarmed with more yoga complaining females.

The area was cute and charming with the indoor and outdoor decor. Everyone should experience Alfred Coffee House to pick up a quick latte or espresso. However, Alfred’s isn’t my top choice to spend an afternoon writing.


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