Flashback to the 60’s at Steampunk Coffee Bar

Recommended by Yelp reviewers, Steampunk Coffee Bar and Kitchen appeared to be my next special find in The Valley.

By the name alone, I had a perception of what I was about to approach. Right away, I was pleased to find an open parking space right in the front of building. Free with no time limit, my Steampunk experience was off to a great start.

The whole in wall coffee bar was exactly what I was expecting. A theme of artistic, industrial tools made this coffee shop unique. Steam powered objects such as brass gears and old clocks hung on the aqua, blue walls. Barley having enough empty space in between the colorful canvas art, every piece seemed to work together.

Feeling as if I entered a Sgt. Pepper music video, the art and colors exemplified a 60’s, psychedelic era. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds played softly over the loud speaker. With my favorite Beatles album playing, I was content.

The more I observed, the more I started to realize this space is underrated. The line before ordering was short and tables were open. I asked for my usual cold brew. The barista behind the counter began to make small talk and complimented my t-shirt. Our short chat turned to a lengthy conversation about favorite bands and my hometown.

The Steampunk customers gave off a hipster vibe. Even though I’m far from a hipster, I felt welcomed. People of all ages typed away on their laptops with the fast, free Wifi or chatted with loved ones.

Glancing at the tables around me, I noticed customers eating brunch. I grabbed a menu to critique. The prices were slightly high but I expected that after my $3.00 iced-coffee. The chicken waffles and ranch scramble seemed worth the fare.

I was already prepared to return to Steampunk Coffee Bar and Kitchen but next time with a hungry appetite.

Steampunk Coffee Bar & Kitchen

12526 Burbank Blvd
Valley Village, CA 91607

Free parking and Wifi, brunch, friendly service, cool vibes



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