Chicago’s Osmium Coffee Bar

For Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to travel to one of my favorite cities. There are many great things about Chicago but warming up in a coffee shop on a cold winter day is one of my favorite things to do.  Usually, I only review Los Angeles coffee shops but Osmium in Chicago calls for an exception.

I’m not going to deny it, my sister, Kayla, knows coffee better than I do. She was the one who brought me to my first café and ordered me my first sugary latte. Buying at least two a day, I highly value her opinion.

Over a year ago, Kayla moved to Chicago without knowing anyone or anything about the area. She was exploring  her neighborhood one day when she came across Osmium Coffee Bar. The cool art and designs attracted her to go inside.

As she approached the counter she recalled the staff discussing politics and the upcoming election for the potential candidates. Kayla ordered a honey, soy latte with two shots of espresso. The boy behind the counter introduced himself as Carter and suggested she add cinnamon. She tried it and was instantly hooked.

Sadly the drink wasn’t on the menu but the boy said they would add it just for her. He called to the rest of the staff for the name of this new drink. A girl said, “Bernie Sanders because that’s who I am voting for!”

The drink is now on the menu and a favorite at Osmium Coffee Bar. Trust me, I’ve tried the latte and the 2,000 miles from LA is worth it.

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Chicago, be sure to make the trek to Osmium for the Bernie Sanders.




Osmium Coffee Bar

1117 W Belmont Ave

Chicago, IL 60657


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