Who doesn’t want to find their very own Central Perk in a big city? When you’re a writer and most of your daily work is remote, a coffee shop soon becomes like a home. Spending all day at one table in the same place needs to feel comfortable, welcoming, and relaxed.

Recently moving from Iowa to LA, I left my favorite small town coffee spot behind. Now, I’m on the hunt for a new place to call home by exploring as many LA coffee shops I can get to.

Starting at a young age of 12, I became an experienced coffee drinker. My beverage of choice has shifted from the blended, vanilla bean frappesĀ to sugar-free caramel, soy lattes, to plain, expresso shots, and now finally to hot, black coffee.

Throughout the years, I’ve enjoyed every bit of the smell, taste, and sensation of fresh espresso and coffee beans. Whether at a coffee shop or the comfort of my own home, coffee has become anĀ essential in my daily life.

Based in Los Angeles, I’m set out to explore the all the different coffee shops and document the place, my experience, the occasional company, and my opinionated taste.